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In 2024 the Parish Council will meet at 7.30pm on:

  • Wednesday 24th July 2024

  • Wednesday 25th September 2024

  • Wednesday 27th November 2024

Members of the public are permitted to attend the meetings but cannot participate in the discussion.  A guide to attending meetings is available here.  A period of 15 minutes is set aside during the meeting for public comments, where residents of the Parish are invited to raise issues or give comments for the Council to discuss either at the meeting or at a future meeting.

Agendas for the meetings are available on the notice boards and the website 3 clear days before the meeting.

If you have an issue that needs to be raised on the agenda you are advised to write to or email the Clerk at least 10 days before the meeting.  Alternatively please raise it with a Parish Councillor who can request that it is placed on the agenda.

Conduct of Councillors and Public at Meetings

It is expected that at all times, both councillors and the public will be respectful in their communication and interaction with each other.  The Council's standing orders give full guidance on the conduct of Council meetings and business.

Councillors are expected to:

  • Abide by the Code of Conduct at all times

  • Speak only at the invitation of the Chairman, after raising a hand to indicate a wish to speak

  • Withdraw from a meeting or debate where s/he has a discloseable pecuniary interest

  • Members of the Public are expected to:

  • Address the Council only during the specified time in the agenda for public speaking

  • Not behave in such a way that prevents the normal transaction of the business of the meeting

  • Speak respectfully to Councillors and other members of the public attending the meeting

Failure on the part of any Councillor or Public to observe the conduct standards set out in the Code of Conduct or Standing Orders may result in the Chairman directing an individual to be silenced or excluded from the meeting, by resolution of Council.  Failure to comply with this request may result in the meeting being suspended or adjourned, or the Police being called if circumstances require this.

Business Meeting

Minutes and Agendas

2024 Meetings

22nd May 2024    Agenda  |  DRAFT Minutes

27th March 2024    Agenda  |  Minutes

27th March 2024 APM    Agenda  |  DRAFT Minutes

31st January 2024    Agenda  |  Minutes

2023 Meetings

29th November 2023   Agenda  |  Minutes

11th October 2023   Agenda  |  Minutes

2nd August 2023   Agenda  |  Minutes

17th May 2023   Agenda  |  Minutes

29th March 2023   Agenda  |  Minutes

29th March 2023 APM   Agenda  |  Minutes

​1st March 2023   Agenda  |  Minutes
25th January 2023    Agenda  |  Minutes

2022 Meetings

14th December 2022   Agenda  |  Minutes

30th November 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes

31st October 2022   Agenda  |  Minutes

28th September 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes
7th September 2022   Agenda  |  Minutes

27th July 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes

25th May 2022 APM  Agenda  |  DRAFT Minutes

25th May 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes
30th March 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes
26th January 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes

2021 Meetings

24th November 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes

29th September 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes

28th July 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes

26th May 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes

26th May 2021APM    Agenda  |  Minutes
5th May 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes

31st March 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes
3rd March 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes
27th January 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes

2020 Meetings

25th November 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

23rd October 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

30th September 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

26th August 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

29th July 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

6th July 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

27th May 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes
25th March 2020    CANCELLED
29th January 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

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