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Covid 19 Help and Information

The Local Resilience Forum is the multi-agency body for Norfolk set-up to respond to and recover from emergencies. Representatives include health services, the voluntary sector, and local authorities including Great Yarmouth Borough Council. Here at the borough of Great Yarmouth, we are working with our various partners, agencies and community groups to support our communities through this Coronavirus pandemic.  

Key contacts in this new Community Hub team are Sue RobinsonHolly Notcutt and Daniel Hastings. For the purposes of our locality Covid-19 response, the team has also been supplemented from redeployed council staff working alongside community volunteers to ensure the residents of the borough have the support they need during this public health emergency.

The Community Hub enables residents and communities to be as resilient as possible, providing links to support as required including to residents who are most vulnerable, and/or self-isolating without support networks.  

The Great Yarmouth Community Hub is playing a key co-ordinating role in galvanising a local community response: linking local neighbourhood schemes to people living locally who need support. This means our community resilience is provided, with your help and support, by the voluntary sector, local businesses, Parish Councils, the County Council and the Borough Council - all working together to make sure help and support is given where needed. 

Residents that require either reassurance, help or support can access help from our network of response agencies, including the borough and county councils and our statutory partners, local businesses, local charities and community-based organisations via this Community Hub.


Contact Numbers

Vulnerable residents (see Government advice on vulnerability) 0344 800 8020 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

This will take them through the proper process to triage out any immediate social care and safeguarding issues. 


Self-isolating residents 0808 196 2238 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or email 


A handy list of food delivery services operating in the borough is being kept up to date on the council’s website as well as other important community support contacts. If your organisation either wishes to be listed or would like to access screened volunteers to help co-ordinate your local response, please get in touch. 


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